New FAZ Lounger!

This geometric design lounger is inspired by the shapes of crystallized quartz. That is why it has a genuine, elegant presence while remaining a robust and comfortable piece at the same time.

Its faceted shapes are elegantly softened to accompany the posture of the body and embrace it, seeking maximum comfort with the aim of generating moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

Harmony, serenity, timelessness and universality are the characteristics with which the Faz collection was born, giving rise to design pieces that convey essentiality; and in turn contain the complexity and density of a work resolved to the extreme detail, whose purpose is the creation of places where you want to live.

This exuberant lounger is perfect for pool environments. That is why Vondom uses highly resistant materials for outdoor use and thus grants the highest quality to its outdoor furniture.

Now, Ramón Esteve has designed two new products that are incorporated into this new collection . A lounger and Planters of three different sizes that work independently.

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