Ramon Esteve

Ramón Esteve was born in Valencia in 1964, obtained the title of Architect from the Superior Technical School of Madrid in 1990, later in 1991 he founded "Ramon Esteve Estudio de Arquitectura", today he is one of the most notable representatives of architecture contemporary in Valencia.

"Architecture and design are for us complementary disciplines that enrich each other and that, in some way, are inseparable. We start any work considering all the parameters that contain it with the aim of achieving a result with maximum clarity, simplicity, order and harmony.
Our identity is evident in our work. Responsibility for a job well done obliges us to focus on the details and take care of the complete development of an idea. What at first is just a thought or an idea, with effort and perseverance evolves to become a reality, a space or an object."

Al Refugio en la Viña, a work that has been selected as a finalist for the WAF Architecture Awards in the category of Completed Houses-Buildings, is reached by a path lined with olive trees that leads to an imposing construction gabled concrete surrounded by poplars and cypresses. From there you cannot see the sea, but even in the smallest detail it has a Mediterranean vocation. "The house rests on the ground, but without altering it, so that everything flows naturally," he explains. Already on the porch, he remembers his beginnings in the profession. "There was not a zero day, nor an epiphany of conversion to architecture", he is sincere. "Rather, it was a progression that began with a pencil and paper. That childish concern for the plastic arts led me over time to want to generate environments and spaces through my drawings." Before starting his degree, he had already visited, notebook in hand, Agrippa's Pantheon and the Church of San Carlino in Rome and had become familiar with the theories of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. But it was a photograph that guided his first steps as a student. "When I saw Wright's Waterfall House, I set out to do something like it one day."

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