Stefano Giovannini

Born in La Spezia in 1954, architect and designer, student of Buti at the University of Florence. In the early 1980s, he created the King-Kong Production group together with Guido Venturini.

Giovannoni has designed some of the world's most commercially successful products, including the successful Girotondo and Mami for Alessi lines of home products; Il Bagno also for Alessi, and the Bombo family for Magis.

In fact, Giovannoni says that seeing the results of his products is even more satisfying for him than the many prestigious awards he has won over the years. years. “It's my job to think about how a product will be received in the marketplace, and that's something I take very seriously.”

Products like the Bombo stool; Family Follows Fiction (1993); the First chair and table (all designed for Magis) exemplify his innovative use of materials, his original thinking and how he embodies in his projects -thanks to his explosive talent- a complex system of "affective codes".
The First chair, for example, was the first three-dimensional plastic chair created through gas injection air molding, while the Bombo stool created a new typology (it moves up and down) and was so futuristic that he appeared in the movie “Star Trek“.

A metanoid designer par excellence, industrial design is in his blood and he has an ability to understand the public like few among the designers represented in this catalogue. His projects, beginning with the Girotondo tray (1989, designed with Guido Venturini) and with the first playful plastic objects from the Family Follows Fiction series (1993), are articulated in a wide family of objects in production in the Officina Alessi catalogs. , Alessi.

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