HAMPTONS, the new collection by Ramón Esteve for VONDOM

Designed by acclaimed Spanish designer Ramón Esteve, the new Hamptons collection by VONDOM is a marvel of minimalism and retro style inspired by the landscapes of the beaches of the coast of Long Island.

The tubular aluminum structure of the Hamptons collection is perfect for outdoor use, with resistance to weather, sun and dust. It is available in more than 80 types of fabrics with different colors and textures to choose from. This collection of outdoor furniture by VONDOM perfectly combines modernity with marine inspiration to create a line of elegant, resistant furniture with a unique style. The Hamptons collection is perfect for your garden, terrace or for a chill-out on the beach.

If you are looking to bring a fresh air to your outdoor space, the new Hamptons collection by VONDOM is the answer. Its timeless design and modern style allow you to create a unique and relaxed space perfect for enjoying comfort and style. Made in Spain with high-quality materials, this collection will surely become one of your favorites for your outdoor spaces.

VONDOM's HAMPTONS collection is inspired by the architectural style predominantly found in the North American region of the same name, the Early 20th Century Classic Revival style, also known as the Shingle Style. This architecture is characterized by its use of cedar siding, white colors, sloped roofs, and large porches. This architecture was popularized by the wealthy in the Hamptons in the 1880s.

Ramon Esteve is a Spanish designer recognized worldwide for his furniture work His modern and contemporary styles provide a fresh and modern design to outdoor spaces.His work is characterized by simplicity and simplicity, combining the use of modern materials with traditional design.His furniture is weather resistant, which makes them ideal for patios, terraces and other outdoor spaces.Their outdoor furniture includes a variety of stools, chairs, tables and other accessories.

Vondom is a Spanish brand of contemporary design furniture. The company is dedicated to the manufacture of outdoor furniture and high quality interior.Its products have become a reference in the design industry for its innovation, using resistant and durable materials and offering a wide range of designs, colors and finishes.Vondom strives to be a sustainable design brand, using ecological manufacturing processes and offering products that respect the environment.

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