<tc>Planters</tc> and planters for public spaces

It is clear that in recent years, public spaces such as squares, schools, hotels, restaurants, offices; They are prioritizing design and aesthetic and functional harmony over other aspects that were previously understood as more important. This is observed in the growing demand for decorative elements that serve as differentiated factors that allow creating a pleasant environment for all who visit the place. One of the best options to achieve this in outdoor spaces is with the use of furniture, planters and Planters of modern design and made of 100% recyclable resin, since they offer an excellent combination of functionality and aesthetics.

The Planters and planters for public spaces are an excellent option to create a modern and unique environment. These decorative elements allow users to incorporate plants and flowers to create a warm and welcoming environment. Also, with the addition of RGB indoor lighting with remote control, users can create unique and spectacular spaces for all public spaces. Finally, to ensure the quality of the Planters and planters, it is important to consider the quality of the products manufactured by the Spanish manufacturer VONDOM.

In which public spaces can I put these products?

Public spaces are those that can be used by anyone. These can be squares, streets, parks, schools, hotels, restaurants, offices. All having in common that they will have intensive use due to the high number of users.

The Planters and planters are an excellent choice for public spaces, as they are resistant to intensive use. These decorative elements make it possible to create a pleasant atmosphere for visitors to public spaces, as well as for residents. In addition, these elements can also be used to place plants or flowers, which contributes to increasing the aesthetics of the place.

Made in Spain with 100% recyclable resin.

The Planters and planters for public spaces must be made with materials that are resistant to weathering and intensive use. One of the most recommended materials for these decorative elements is resin, since it is resistant to the elements, heat, cold and intensive use. In addition, resin is a lightweight material, which makes it easy to transport and store.

Outdoor furniture made of resin is very practical and resistant. It is lightweight, durable, easy to clean, does not fade in the sun, and is suitable for use by many users. It is also resistant to corrosion, humidity, mold, insects and temperature changes. It does not wear out easily or crack. In addition, it is ecological and does not need special maintenance. This combination of characteristics makes it ideal for use outdoors, on terraces, gardens and recreational areas.

The quality of the manufacturer VONDOM.

VONDOM is a Spanish manufacturer of public and residential furniture that offers excellent quality products. The company specializes in the manufacture of Planters and planters for public spaces, as well as other decorative elements. The company offers products of the highest quality and resistance, and is committed to creating modern design products for its customers.

Surprise with flower boxes and Planters colored lighting!

One of the latest trends in Planters and planters for public spaces is the incorporation of RGB interior light with remote control. This new feature allows users to change the lighting of the Planters and planters remotely, which allows creating unique and spectacular environments for any public space.

The Planters for public spaces can be used to create a modern and unique atmosphere for any space. These decorative elements allow users to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with the incorporation of plants and flowers. In addition, with the incorporation of remote controlled RGB interior lighting, users can create unique environments for all public spaces, such as squares, offices, among others.

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