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DELTA Стол Redonda 60cm - ABATIBLE

DELTA Стол Redonda 60cm - ABATIBLE

Обычная цена 430,00 €
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой 430,00 €
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DELTA Стол Redonda 60cm - ABATIBLE | VONDOM




Collection :

Vondom is a prestigious manufacturer of outdoor furniture specialized in manufacturing with resin, metals and high-quality fabrics. In its facilities in Valencia, Vondom collaborates with many of the most renowned international designers to create pieces of furniture with modern, elegant and high quality design.


Jorge Pensi

Argentine designer born in Buenos Aires in 1946 and currently based in Barcelona. He was a member of the Berenguer Group, made up of Norberto Chaves, Oriol Pibernat and Alberto Lievore. In 1997 he was awarded the National Design Award. His designs are characterized by rigorous work, his designs stand out for the timelessness and minimalism of the forms, in which he always, beyond function, transmits emotions that give his works beauty and poetic sensitivity. Several of his outdoor furniture designs, such as the Toledo chair (1988), are internationally recognized design icons. Jorge Pensi is a Design teacher at the Eina and Elisava schools in Barcelona. His designs are part of the most prestigious furniture collections in museums around the world, including the Vitra Design Museum.

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