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AFRICA Табурет Bajo 66cm

AFRICA Табурет Bajo 66cm

Обычная цена 145,00 €
Обычная цена 200,00 € Цена со скидкой 145,00 €
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AFRICA Табурет Bajo 66cm | VONDOM



Collection AFRICA:

Vondom is a prestigious manufacturer of outdoor furniture specialized in manufacturing with high quality resin, metals and fabrics. At its facilities in Valencia, Vondom collaborates with many of the most renowned international designers to create pieces of furniture with a modern, elegant and high-quality design.


eugeni quitlet

Born in Ibiza, Eugeni Quitllet is one of the most important Catalan and European designers of this century. For several years he collaborated with various architecture firms and foundations in Barcelona itself. In 2001, after several participations in renowned exhibitions and design fairs, he met the designer Philippe Starck with whom he began a professional relationship that would take the two designers to the pinnacle of their careers. Quitllet uses creativity to shape new realities from an optimistic perspective of the future. He works a characteristic style that synthesizes form and function with an explosive touch of elegance and sinuosity.

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