Collection: SPRITZ

The Spritz outdoor furniture collection is designed by Italian designers Archirivolto who have their studio in the spectacular fields of Tuscany. This complete collection of exterior design is made up of a wide variety of resistant outdoor furniture.

Vondom's popular outdoor set, Spritz, is made up of a two-seater Spritz outdoor sofa, Spritz armchairs and two sizes of sofa tables: square and rectangular. For this reason it is a complete set for the garden or terrace of Italian design. Both the tables, the armchair and the sofa are stackable so they can be nested one on top of the other to save as much space as possible.

In addition to these elements, the Spritz collection has sets of high table and stackable stools for outdoor use, perfect for terraces of restoutdoors, cafeterias or attics.

Vondom's Spritz collection recently incorporated the Spritz lounger, with resin wheels and a reclining backrest. In addition to being a stackable sun lounger with wheels, it has the option of Cushion resistant to water and chlorine. The perfect option to have a sun lounger with a reclining backrest and Cushion.