Collection: Planters with light

Surprise by creating spectacular spaces thanks to our Planters with white RGB LED lighting that can be controlled by smartphone and remote control.

Our Planters with outdoor lighting are available in different lighting options depending on whether you want to create colored effects or simply illuminate with white light. They also have remote control options, smartphone control (wifi). With and without battery.

<tc>Basic</tc> or <tc>Extra Capacity</tc> ?

What do I need?

Some of our Planter s are offered in options Extra Capacity and Basic . Although their exterior appearance is the same, the big difference between both models is the capacity of their interior hole.

  • Basic : It has a reduced interior space with respect to the total volume of Planter . In this way it is possible to reduce the amount of land necessary for its use. This is the ideal option for placing pots inside or plants that do not require a large amount of soil.

  • Extra Capacity : The Planter s with this finish have a large interior capacity equivalent to the total volume of the Planter . This option is ideal for planting small trees or plants that require a large amount of soil.