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Damero Rug

Damero Rug

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Our Nowness Rug is a unique and sustainable product, made from recycled plastic waste. Each piece is woven by hand on traditional looms, which gives each one a different and handmade look. Additionally, the motifs are digitally printed to create a reversible rug, allowing both sides to have the same quality and utility.
The high-quality recycled polyester means it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and its solidez color certification ensures that you can enjoy it in any environment, as long as it is used and cared for. responsible way. The Nowness Rug is part of our morning meditation capsule, which focuses on the interaction of pieces with space and the ability to influence our mood through symbolic landscapes, enveloping colors and natural elements. Available in a size of 150 x 210 cm and with a thickness of 5 mm, we also offer custom sizes. Tassels or edge pleats are available at no extra cost, adding an elegant, personalized detail. With your purchase of this rug, you are acquiring a high-quality product that is committed to caring for the environment.

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- 100% Recyclable

- Handwoven with 100% Recycled Polyester with outdoor resistant digital printing.

- Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

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Damero Rug | ALLCA



Collection ALLCA RUGS:

Allca Rugs is a young and daring Spanish brand created to bring freshness to our outdoors. Handwoven by artisans in India and with a single type of weaving, these rugs are made from recycled polymer and plastic coming mostly from single-use containers, creating single-material and undyed pieces to then facilitate the process of its recycling. In this way they manage to approach a process that is as zero-waste and round as possible, with 100% transparent traceability.
Its collections are divided into capsules: short, specific and renewable, as well as the collections of the big fashion houses. “The fundamental idea focuses on providing fresh and innovative designs, which can be repeated if desired but are always in constant evolution”



Today more than ever, design has a clear responsibility for social and environmental improvement, so our project would have no place without starting from that same premise.
You can learn more about our way of producing here (link to explanation)

Our rugs are woven traditionally in India. These traditional looms are the extension of the ancestral knowledge of the artisans who preserve this incalculable cultural value.

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