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Lounge Chair Acero RIO (2 Unidades)

Lounge Chair Acero RIO (2 Unidades)

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RIO is a complete collection of seats made up of a dining chair and a living room armchair, also available in a rocking chair, stool and low table version.

RIO has an ASFORM type steel tube structure, high quality steel with high mechanical capacity and high resistance to weight load. The manufacture gives the tube a strong element of connotation, a letter R, located in the area between the seat and the backrest. All structural welds are made with Mig technology, which provides greater tensile strength and reduces the risk of oxidation, while the mesh of the steel rods is electro-welded to the structure in order to obtain greater precision.

Like all EMU steel products, a previous cataphoresis treatment has been provided that is subsequently painted with a thermosetting powder, giving the product a homogeneous layer of paint with a high degree of adhesion and resistance. The presence of nylon insoles favors ease of movement and protection of the ends of the product.

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- 100% Recyclable

- Stainless lacquered steel suitable for outdoor use.

- Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

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Lounge Chair Acero RIO (2 Unidades) | EMU



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EMU is a 70-year-old Italian manufacturer specializing in the production of garden furniture. A pioneering company in technical know-how for the design and protection of metal, it produces exterior designs, both for the home and for the contract, suitable for different stylistic configurations, creating authentic environments and ideal for living the garden with spirit Italian, between comfort, conviviality and relaxation.



Emanuel Gargano was born in Assisi, Umbria, where he was formed from the creative and sentimental point of view and where he still maintains his home, despite the many experiences that often see him present in many parts of the world and that have led him to establish his I study in London. It is difficult to gather his multifaceted activities in a single professional field because his work ranges from architecture to industrial design, from contemporary art to the study of light. Over the years he has received several awards, the most recent of which is the p rest igioso Compasso d’Oro. His work reflects vela a deep fascination for the matter of natural and synthetic elements that he uses and shapes in search of his soul; probably the same thing that life continues to do to him day after day.

Anton Cristell was born in New York in 1972. While studying at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) in Boston, he worked as an illustrator for various magazines and in advertising. In 2001 he decided to move to Rome to open his own design studio. He started a long professional career mainly in the commercial sector and in the rest auration world, where he managed to combine architecture, design and graphics.

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