Las mejores sillas de diseño moderno para restaurantes y terrazas de exterior

The best modern design chairs for restaurants and outdoor terraces

Design and originality in hotel furniture is an essential element to define the personality of any premises. The choice of hospitality furniture and chairs is essential to guarantee the comfort of customers and get them to visit you again.

Make your business stand out.

Modern design chairs are an ideal option to add a touch of style to your space. Whether it is to decorate an office, a restaurant or a terrace, a modern design chair can elevate your space to a higher level. If you are looking for the perfect option, there is a wide selection of furniture brands that offer modern design chairs of high quality, resistance and made in Spain.

At Arqibo we have a wide selection of outdoor chairs for restaurants design that adapt to all your requirements and decorative styles. From the most classic proposals to the latest decoration trends. You can opt for wooden or plastic hospitality chairs, modern designs in an industrial, Nordic or futuristic style, as well as stackable chairs to optimize space. In addition, we offer a variety of tables for bars and restaurants, bar stools and all outdoor furniture for the horeca and contract sector.

One of them is Vondom, a Spanish brand that offers chairs with a modern, versatile and attractive design. Their chairs are made of high quality and resistant materials, designed to last for many years. Plus, they have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Another specialist brand in garden furniture is Nardi, which offers modern and contemporary design chairs. These chairs are made of outdoor resin, making them ideal for use in restaurant terraces. The resin is resistant to changes in temperature and weather, so these chairs are very durable.

For restaurants, there is also the brand EMU, which offers modern design armchairs and tables made of high-quality steel suitable for outdoor use. These catering chairs are designed to be stackable, making them easy to store away when not in use. Made in Italy. In addition, these chairs are weather resistant, which makes them perfect for use on terraces.

Finally, the Spanish brand Gandia Blasco offers a large selection of modern design chairs made of noble materials such as wood and steel. These chairs are designed to last for many years and are also perfect for use on restaurant terraces.

Contract outdoor furniture

Restaurants need a modern design to attract horeca customers. One way to achieve this is to decorate with modern outdoor chairs. These modern designed chairs offer a wide variety of options for restaurants looking for an attractive look for their exteriors. In a restaurant, modern outdoor chairs are a great way to add a modern twist to a dining experience. These modern design chairs are weather resistant, so restaurants don't have to worry about furniture deteriorating.

In addition, these chairs offer a wide variety of styles and textures to match the restaurant environment. Modern designer outdoor chairs offer a great way to complement a restaurant space. These modern outdoor stools offer a unique combination of style and comfort for customers in the horeca sector. These chairs are also built to last, so restaurants can enjoy these chairs for years to come. The outdoor design contract chairs are perfect to complement the decoration and atmosphere of a restaurant. These chairs offer a unique combination of style and comfort for clients. Restaurants can choose from a wide variety of styles and textures to add a modern touch to their exteriors.

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