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LAND Square Planter

LAND Square Planter

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Planter Large low design square for trees available in different sizes and finishes. Planter modern for exterior with elegant lines, resistant finish and easy to clean. Available in different sizes and colors. Optional with RGB LED light controlled by remote control or smartphone.

Planter Designed by Studio Vondom

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- 100% Recyclable

- Fabricado por rotomoldeo de resina de polietileno de alta resistencia reforzada con fibra de vidrio y tratamiento UV.

- Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

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LAND Square Planter | VONDOM



100% Recyclable. High resistance Polyethylene resin with UV protection to avoid deterioration due to sun exposure.

Colores Vondom Basic

Basic or Extra Capacity?

What do I need?

Some of our Planters are offered in Extra Capacity and Basic. Although their exterior appearance is the same, the big difference between both models is the capacity of their interior hole.

  • Basic: It has a reduced internal space with respect to the total volume of Planter. In this way it is possible to reduce the amount of land necessary for its use. This is the ideal option for placing pots inside or plants that do not require a large amount of soil.

  • Extra Capacity: The Planters with this finish have a large interior capacity equivalent to the total volume of the Planter. This option is ideal for planting small trees or plants that require a large amount of soil.

Vondom is a prestigious manufacturer of outdoor furniture specialized in manufacturing with high quality resin, metals and fabrics. At its facilities in Valencia, Vondom collaborates with many of the most renowned international designers to create pieces of furniture with a modern, elegant and high-quality design.



Este equipo multidisciplinar de creativos formado por diseñadores industriales, ingenieros, diseñadores gráficos y paisajistas es el responsable de algunos productos de VONDOM más reconocidos. Además de mobiliario de exterior de diseño, el Studio Vondom, ha diseñado todas las campañas de publicidad, stands de feria y exposiciones que ha ido realizando la firma valenciana en todo el mundo.

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