Collection: Stefano Giovannoni

Born in La Spezia in 1954, architect and designer, student of Buti at the University of Florence. In the early 1980s, he created the King-Kong production group together with Guido Venturini.

Giovannoni has designed some of the most commercially successful products in the world, including the successful lines of household products by Girotondo and Mami for Alessi; Il Bagno also for Alessi, and the Bombo family for Magis.

In fact, Giovannoni says that seeing the results of his products is even more satisfying for him than the many prizes of prestigio that has won over the years. “It is my job to think about how a product will be received in the market, and that is something I take very seriously“.

Metanoic designer par excellence, he brings industrial design into the blood and has an ability to understand the public like few among the designers represented in this catalogue. His projects, beginning with the Girotondo tray (1989, designed with Guido Venturini) and with the first playful plastic objects from the Family Follows Fiction series (1993), are articulated in a wide family of objects in production in the Officina Alessi catalogs. , Alessi.

Some examples of chair and sofa designs by Stefano Giovannoni can be found in his collections:

solid BLOW stone pillow